About Capex

We're a Financial Advisory management Company which possesses a group of investment management expertise with diversified talented experience which earned the respect of several investors Internationally and locally . Our success comes from making every decision with the investor in mind.

Our Clients trust us in guarding and growing their hard-earned money, whether in Mina Region or Africa or Europe. In return, we provide a collaborative workplace where we challenge one another to continually develop skills, share diverse opinions, and enable good ideas to flourish.



Individuals, families, businesses and institutional clients rely on us to provide superior investment results and service. We attract patient investors with long-term goals who stay with us for years, knowing that our process reflects intensive research to assess long-term investment potential. And, we continually look for new opportunities-in person, by telephone or onlineā€”to enhance our service offerings.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Our Group Management Expertise shares an investment philosophy designed to help long-term investors succeed in reaching their goals: Consistent approach. Our investment philosophy is based on doing what we believe is right for investors. We base all our decisions on a long-term perspective, because we believe it's the best way to help investors achieve their financial goals. Our investment professionals are highly experienced and have managed investor savings through good times and bad.

  • Proven system. Over 70 years of accumulated team experiences we are developing an original approach to investment management that blends teamwork with individual accountability. Each fund or mandate is divided into portions that are managed by investment professionals with varied backgrounds, perspectives and investment styles. An extensive global research effort is the backbone of this system.

  • Superior long-term track record. For most investors, results are paramount. We believe it's important to measure results over meaningful periods of time. Our mutual funds and institutional mandates consistently beat competitors in 10- and 20-year periods.

Our Service Philosophy

Is an independent global fund services provider focused on enhancing your investment processes and forging a lasting relationship with you. Going beyond traditional fund administration services, we adapt every solution to meet your individual needs. This means you will enjoy the comprehensive services you might expect from the largest providers, coupled with the personal attention typically associated with boutique shops.

A long-term investment horizon

In our experience; Successful investments mean taking the long-term view. Our investment professionals seek to identify Assets / Equity that can do well over several years, by using fundamental analysis and paying close attention to valuations. While this approach can often involve taking a stance that is at odds with the market consensus, the expectation is that new information will come to light that validates our opinions and steers the consensus view in our favor.

Discipline and experience

Long-term investing requires discipline and experience. The majority of our portfolio managers and analysts have witnessed several market cycles and have been with Us for many years. This means they have the perspective and knowledge required to navigate volatile markets.

A strong organizational culture

Taking the long-term view is possible because of the way our company is organized and managed. Privately owned by senior employees and focused exclusively on asset management, acquisitions, funding, leasing , Insurance Coverage, Asset Franchises and finally Constructions in its full meaning external and internal design. Our Mgt. provides the ideal environment for investment professionals to maintain a long-term perspective when pursuing investment opportunities.