Core Values & Methodology

The values we have established continue to guide the way we operate today-even as we evolve to meet ever-changing business conditions. These values shape our decision-making and the way we interact with one another:

  • Integrity
    Ours is a trust-based business. We seek individuals who recognize the benefit of, and the necessity for, the highest ethical standards.
  • Accountability
    Success begins with all associates holding themselves responsible for their decisions and their results.
  • Humility
    Successful associates at the Group prefer to focus on the benefits to the business, and not their own roles. We acknowledge that none of us have all the answers and we learn from our mistakes.
  • Long-term focus
    We seek individuals with good judgment and the ability to make decisions based on long-term impact on our business.
  • Consistency
    We look for individuals who can exercise sensible judgment and apply their experience, training and knowledge. There's no single way to do our work, but we believe in approaching each situation with common values and an emphasis on serving the needs of our investors.
  • Respect for individuals
    We treat our mutual fund shareholders, clients and fellow associates with respect. We rely on all associates to interact with one another honestly, constructively, with enthusiasm and compassion.